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MacBook Pro 13" (2 TBT) 1.4GHz QC 8th gen i5/ 8GB / 256GB / Space Grey


Sale price $2,249.00 Regular price $2,299.00

More power at its cores.

With the latest Intel Core processors, MacBook Pro reaches new heights in compute performance.

The 15 inch model is now available with an 8-core ninth-generation Intel Core i9 processor that reaches Turbo Boost speeds up to 5.0GHz. This gives 3D graphics apps like Autodesk Maya render speeds that are up to 40 per cent faster than the previous-generation 6 core processor and up to twice as fast as a quad-core processor.

And a new eighth-generation quad core processor on the 13 inch MacBook Pro makes it ready to take on even the toughest tasks. So when you’re powering through pro level processing jobs like compiling code, rendering 3D models, adding special effects, layering multiple tracks or encoding video, you’ll get everything done. Faster.