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ServiceM8 is a powerful iPhone and iPad app used by 14 000 businesses globally to control work from a client’s first call through to invoicing. ServiceM8 manages and coordinates the interactions of a business between its staff and its clients, simply and cleverly.

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ServiceM8 Free Trial

Small businesses have moments of brilliance every day, but their innovations are rarely shared. Our vision is to empower all small businesses by sharing their collective wisdom. 

With ServiceM8, you’re connected. Urgent jobs can be dispatched to staff immediately, and without phone calls. Staff on the road receive all of the client details and job badges assist in highlighting critical information. Staff can access turn-by-turn navigation at the tap of a button so they won’t get lost. Clients can be automatically notified via SMS that you’re on the way, and because you know where staff are at all times, you can work even smarter.

In ServiceM8, every job has a story. From a client’s first call, every note, photo, email and text message is stored in the job diary for reference. Staff have a complete job history available on the road, even when out of coverage. Staff have clear job requirements, and with checklists and tasks, jobs are done right the first time, every time.

Invoicing with ServiceM8 is magic. With the ‘Quick Picks’ feature, creating invoices on your iPhone takes seconds. Print, email and even post professional invoices directly to the client straight from your iPhone and inspire confidence.


Awesome job management for small business. Fantastic in the field and office. For iPhone, iPad or PC. The app to manage your jobs from start to Xero!

Mac Alerts offers consulting, setup and training for ServiceM8.

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To get a free trial and 15% off for the first 6 months use this link:

ServiceM8 Free Trial