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We understand things can go wrong at the worst possible time! When you require service from Us you don't need an appointment. You are welcome to call to confirm availability or just drop past anytime! Our experienced Apple Certified Technicians will be only too happy to help. We are able to perform both in and out of warranty repairs on all Apple devices. Whether you have issues with your Mac, iPad, iPhone or any Apple device bring it to our store and we'll assist with reliable service and friendly advice as well as a timely turnaround for your repair.

Mac Diagnosis - $129


Hand your Apple devices to our certified Apple technicians for a check-up. We dive deep into both obvious and hidden issues, providing you with a clear breakdown of what needs fixing and how much it'll cost. We believe in being clear, so you know exactly what's going on with your device. Our techs keep up with the latest repair and diagnostic procedures to ensure efficient and high-quality solutions.  

Priority Service - $129

Need an urgent fix? Use our priority service for quick solutions! Can't do without a device, even for a day? We offer short or long-term rentals for Macs and iPhones. Let us keep you connected and productive while we take care of your repairs. 

Insurance Assessment - $129

If evidence of physical, liquid, or electrical damage is found through a diagnosis, our certified technicians can provide a repair or replacement quote suitable for your insurance provider – at no extra cost!

We'd recommend contacting your insurance regarding the damage, your coverage and the quote requirements before bringing your device in for assessment. 

Mac SSD upgrades - From just $349!
(Available for iMacs 2019 or older & MacBooks 2015 or older)

Mac RAM upgrades - Starting at $199
(Available for iMacs 2020 or older)

More Ram means you can do more work and faster! Upgrading Ram is the perfect solution for designers who may need to pull media from several sources or if you work on multiple applications simultaneously. It can also help your iMac keep up with newer operating system requirements in the long term.

If the iMac is just running slow in general consider switching to a faster Solid State Drive (SSD), it can make a huge difference! Or even if you just find yourself running out of storage we can help with that with an SSD too! Whether it's enhancing speed or expanding storage, our team of experts is ready to fine-tune your device helping it align seamlessly with ever increasing performance requirements. 

Malware Removal - $159


Believe someone to have gained access to your computer or just experiencing weird and worrying issues? Our techs can go through your device with a fine tooth comb and identify any potentially dangerous programs or preferences which could endanger your privacy.  

Data Transfers & Recovery - Starting from $149

If you've bought a new phone or computer and need help getting your data across, we can help! Our techs can also retrieve Important Data from failed drives or dead computers!

Onsite support - $75 Onsite fee and $199/hr

Need help at your Business or Home?  Our onsite IT services provide tailored solutions direct to your location, ensuring quick and efficient installation or resolution of technology issues. Our skilled technicians can handle anything from troubleshooting to system upgrades! 

Business Priority support packages start from $2399 for 10hrs

Need reliable and prompt support with a personalised understanding of who you are and what you do? Give us a try!


Other Services: All prices shown are GST Inc. For any enquiries feel free to call us on 08 8351 0011 or email on 


Got your photos and documents backed up?

Don’t leave it to chance, if you don’t have a backup copy you’re only one accident away from tragedy. Contact us today to organise a backup solution that works for you!

We also provide data recovery options for most devices.

Here are some handy guides to follow to prepare your unit for service.

How to get your Mac ready for service

How to get your iPhone, iPad or iPod ready for service

All devices need to be removed from activation lock before service. Please follow the instructions below to remove from your account.

How to remove Activation Lock